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With over 85 years of experience serving vulnerable and older adults, Selfhelp shares our expertise and knowledge in published White papers and research.

Selfhelp Mission Statement

Selfhelp is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the independence and dignity of seniors and at-risk populations through a spectrum of housing, home health care, and social services and will lead in applying new methods and technologies to address changing needs of its community. Selfhelp will continue to serve as the “last surviving relative” to its historic constituency, victims of Nazi persecution.


By Selfhelp Community Services

This detailed report reflects on Selfhelp’s service model, analyzing how our clients have fared, and how well we have done as an organization in helping them through the early months of the COVID pandemic.

By Selfhelp Realty Group | The Melamid Insitute for Affordable Housing

Selfhelp offers its proven, effective approach for creating affordable housing for older adults, including its distinctive service model and guidance for location, design, financing, and operation.

By Selfhelp Community Services

Presents the results of an independent evaluation of three years of Medicaid and Medicare claims data for residents of Selfhelp housing, compared to the general population of older adults in the same zip codes. The study found that Selfhelp residents were less likely to need the hospital or emergency room, and that their hospital stays were shorter and less expensive.

By Selfhelp Community Services

This toolkit provides concrete, trauma-informed steps for supporting older adults who may not have lived in formal housing for many years.

By Selfhelp Community Services

On the occasion of Selfhelp’s 80th anniversary, CEO Stuart Kaplan looks back at the factors that have kept Selfhelp strong during turbulent years.

By Selfhelp Community Services

We estimate that more than 23,000 survivors will still be living in the New York City metropolitan area in 2025, and that many will require financial assistance, home care, and other services.