Community-based Programs

Older Adult Centers

(formerly known as Senior Centers)

Selfhelp is proud to offer a wide variety of life-enhancing programs and services via its five community-based Older Adult Centers. Also known as Senior Centers, these serve over 7,000 older adults from the surrounding communities and are open to all residents aged 60 and older.

Dotting their way across various neighborhoods in Queens, NYC’s most diverse borough, each Center has its own “local flavor”, with programs that reflect the culture, interests, and traditions of its surrounding community. One has been recognized as an “Innovative Older Adult Center,” one of the first of its kind in New York City. All are welcoming and inclusive, reflecting the staggering number of cultures, creeds, and ethnicities who comprise the demographic makeup of this city, a resilient patchwork tightly woven in tolerance, respect, and a communal pride in the incredible city they call home.

General List of Services

Programming varies from one site to the next, but each offers meals, classes, activities, and events, a sampling of which is above.

We encourage older New Yorkers to pay a visit – to one, or to all five! With so many programs on offer, you are sure to find one that’s perfect for you – and make a whole new group of friends who share your interests and passions!

Medical Transportation Program in Queens



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