Compliance Program Board of Directors

Selfhelp is committed to fostering a culture of compliance and integrity and to ensuring that Selfhelp operates at only the highest standards for ethical conduct. Selfhelp’s Compliance Program demonstrates our firm commitment to the highest standards of ethics and compliance which includes vendors, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, independent contractors and other agents of Selfhelp (collectively, “Vendors”) complying with our Compliance Program and applicable compliance policies.

Compliance Training

Pursuant to 18 New York Codes, Rules, Regulations Part 521, certain Vendors are required to complete compliance training annually. If you were notified about this training requirement, please click here to view and complete the training.

After reviewing the training and policies, please click here to kindly fill out the Vendor Attestation form to acknowledge completion of the training and related compliance requirements.

For more information regarding any of the trainings and policies, please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at 212-971-7610. If you have any questions or compliance issues, you can report them to the Corporate Compliance Hotline at 646-616-7480. Reports of potential fraud, waste and abuse and compliance issues also may be made directly to the Corporate Compliance Officer.

This training program runs approximately 60 minutes and will address Selfhelp’s commitment to Compliance. If, due to a disability or any other barrier, you need an accommodation to assist you in accessing and/or completing any part of the training, please promptly contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at 212-971-7610.