Intelligent. Talented. Motivated to Serve.  

The staff of Selfhelp are individuals who envision, plan, build, and implement vital services for our vulnerable neighbors. Their unique blend of cultures, viewpoints, and lived experiences work in harmony to ensure both clients and employees feel safe, supported, and valued.   


Continuing Education

Select trainings are eligible for continuing education (CE) credits for social workers

Professional Development

Exceptional career opportunities including professional training and development programs, employee recognition, and promotions in a diverse work environment

Flexible Work Environment

Offering remote and hybrid work schedules

Pension Plan & 403(b)

Pension plan, 403(b) and other retirement plans are available for full time and part-time employees

Paid time off & other benefits

Generous paid time off, such as vacation, sick and personal days, competitive salary and health benefits

NYC & Long Island Locations

Our programs are in a variety of settings in New York City and on Long Island connecting Selfhelp to the community

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Be a Helper. Be your true self.  


At Selfhelp, we believe in embracing the unique combination of background, skills, and experiences that make you, YOU.  


We do our best work when we are engaged. Being engaged means feeling welcomed, valued, and heard.


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A committee of Selfhelp leaders is shaping Selfhelp’s approach to creating a safe and welcoming work environment for everyone. Major accomplishments in the past year include an organization- wide culture audit and focus groups; DEI-focused training; Employee Resource Groups; reviews of organization policies and space planning with a DEI lens; and frequent communication with all Selfhelp staff.

Our ERGs are many things, from a point of connection, a place to contribute your voice to Selfhelp’s mission, to a space to advocate for change

The mission of Selfhelp’s Black Employee Resource Group is to foster networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for Black employees in the organization.

The LGBTQ Employee Resource Group works to foster an inclusive workplace culture that supports Selfhelp’s LGBTQ employees.  The ERG builds a sense of support and community among Selfhelp’s LGBTQ employees, and raises awareness of the unique needs of LGBTQ staff and clients through education, advocacy, and celebration.

The group’s purpose is to create opportunity for Selfhelp employees who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander to come together to support one another as they strive to understand and learn organizational and mainstream culture.

The group’s purpose is to address the needs and support employees with disabilities.

The Latin American ERG has been focusing on the following three topics: English as a second language, Latino v. Hispanic, and microagressions.

All you need is 4 members and you can create your own ERG.  Email the DEI committee for an application.





Email our HR team by using the form on the right with questions about staff positions.