Selfhelp Chinese Advisory Council

Selfhelp’s Chinese Advisory Council was created in 2015 to better address the unique needs of Chinese elders living in New York City, many of whom are in of need vital assistance. The Council is comprised of prominent members of the Chinese-American community and plays an important role in identifying resources as well as facilitating access to services for this vulnerable population.

Selfhelp provides services to approximately 5,000 Asian immigrants each year. The majority are low-income senior citizens who have emigrated from China. Over 700 live in Selfhelp’s affordable housing developments where they receive services such as subsidized home care, housekeeping and case management to enable them to live independently, with dignity. Many receive home delivered meals, assistance with accessing entitlements, referrals to other services they may require and an overall helping hand that is always available. More than 4,200 Chinese seniors attend one of Selfhelp’s five state-of-the-art senior centers where they participate in activities such as computer training, health and wellness activities, English as a Second Language, Citizenship classes, exercise and recreation, and Chinese cultural activities.

Chair Tai Wang
Directors Angela Guangyang An Alice Chan Amy Mak Chan Teresa Chan Jerry Lo Judy Ng Chloe Bona Sun Michelle Lin