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Long Island: 516-505-2571

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Home Health Aide Training Program

Selfhelp's Home Health Aide (HHA) and Personal Care Aide (PCA) training programs are approved by the New York State Department of Health and are provided free of charge. Students attend core curriculum trainings in the classroom, and then progress to the laboratory to demonstrate clinical skills.

Participants in this program will receive 75 hours of training, including a minimum of 59 hours of classroom instruction, eight (8) hours of practical training in a lab setting, and eight (8) hours of field training in a patient care setting. Classes are available in both English and Spanish. The English language class includes approximately fourteen (14) days of instruction, with lab training and one (1) full day in the field. The Spanish class is approximately nineteen (19) days of class, including two (2) hours of English as a Second Language (ESL) daily and one (1) full day in the field.

Training Sites

  • New York City: 261 West 36th street New York, NY 10018
  • Brooklyn: 1523 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 11230
  • Queens: 138-46 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11354
  • Long Island: 498 Union Ave, Westbury NY 11590

Contact our NYC or Long Island offices to learn more or register for trainings:

For the NYC office, please call 212-971-7714.
For the Long Island office, please call 516-505-2571.

Personal Care Aide Training Program

Participants in this program will receive forty (40) hours of basic personal care training, in both classroom and lab settings. The class is approximately 8 days in total, and is offered in English.

Please call us at 212-971-7714 to learn more or to register for this training.

Upon graduation from our two training programs, qualified Selfhelp aides will be offered employment. Continuous in-service training and classes are offered so aides can keep up to date on the newest health care practices, enhance their skills, and fulfill ongoing certification requirements.

Training Sites

  • New York City: 261 West 36th street New York, NY 10018
  • Brooklyn: 1523 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 11230
  • Bronx: 1563 Walton Avenue Bronx, NY 10452
Workforce Investment Organization (WIO)

The Selfhelp WIO is a collaboration of three Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSAs) who are experienced operators of home health aide training programs (HHATP) and home care services: Selfhelp Community Services, Allen Health Care Services, and Americare. Collectively, the Selfhelp WIO has 75 years of training and each of the SELFHELP WIO LHCSAs are approved by New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and have experience extensive experience training home health aides (HHAs) in multiple languages.

Please contact Selfhelp for detailed information on upcoming HHA classes throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Classes offered in English and Spanish.

  • Training focused on early signs and symptoms that the HHA should recognize and communicated to the care team.
  • Training in MLTCP Quality Metrics and Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations (PAH) in a holistic and culturally sensitive approach
  • Communication from the HHA to other members of the long term care team is a central focus of our training, and technology is one of the vehicles that foster this communication
  • The HHA will be taught how to reinforce patient self-care and how to be alert to issues surrounding whether the patient is maintaining his/her level of health
  • Telehealth training, inclusive of a mobile application program as well as a tablet based program

About the Selfhelp WIO:

  • 11 convenient Home Health Aided training sites located throughout the 5 boroughs and Nassau and Suffolk counties.
  • WIO Enhanced Training (credit cannot be used towards the 12 hour mandatory In-service HHA requirement)
  • Pathways to Practice - a best-practices webinar for licensed home health agencies to operationalize the training components
  • The cost of the Home Health Aide training is covered by the WIO grant, and for existing HHAs completing WIO Enhanced Training is eligible for an incentive payment

Department of Health (DOH) Approved Training Curriculum:

  • Core Curriculum
  • WIO Enhanced Training is a 6 hour class with the following curriculum:
  • MLTCP Quality Metrics
    • Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations
    • Early Signs and Symptoms with a Focus on Reporting
    • Telehealth
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Behavioral Health with a focus on Dementia
    • Palliative Care and Hospice
  • SPT Provision with Registry Certification at Course Completion.

LHCSA can choose language/location of training site and schedule 1 month in advance for a class of 20 trainees. CHRC and Physical is an expectation of LHCSA that will be hiring new trainee. For the WIO Enhanced Training Certification, the LHCSA can choose language/location of training site and schedule 2 weeks in advance for each Advanced Training participant. Each participant will receive a 6 hour WIO Advanced TrainingCertificate and their LHCSA employer will receive an Incentive Payment for every HHA/PCA that successfully completes Advanced Training Certification.

Want to learn more? Call Selfhelp at 212-971-7714.


Jobs available for English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin speakers

Refer a friend! Eligible employees and the aides can be to receive a sign-on bonus!

  • Aides who have successfully worked a total of 240 hours within the first three (3) months of employment, will receive a $250.00 bonus.
  • Aides who accept sleep-in cases and remain at Selfhelp for 3 months will receive a $250.00 bonus. After six (6) months the Aide will receive a second bonus of $250.00
  • Any employee who refers a Certified Home Health Aide, or Personal Care Aide to Selfhelp, will receive a $100.00 bonus after the referred employee has worked a total of 240 hours in three (3) months.

Aides eligible to receive a sign on bonus must be willing to provide services to all Selfhelp clients. Please contact our Home Care for additional details and eligibility.

Benefits to working with Selfhelp:

  • Competitive hourly rates and live-in rates
  • Live-in opportunities requiring up to 3 day commitment. $500 bonus may be available.
  • Flexible schedules – Full time, part time, live-in available
  • Paid vacation
  • Union benefits including medical, life, legal, and pension (DC1707)
  • Free uniforms
  • Complete training- (English and Spanish) to prepare you to become certified as a Home Health Aide
  • Jobs immediately available to qualified certified aides
  • Weekend differentials
  • Life insurance Policy
  • Free smartphone

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