Home Care Services

Whether you’re arranging the complex home care requirements of your aging parents or want access to all the support services you need to live independently in your own home, we can help.

Turn to the compassion, skill and teamwork of Selfhelp’s professionals for home care services.  Our highly skilled professionals work together providing quality care through our Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) and our Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), all under one Selfhelp roof:

Our Registered Nurses are trained to deal with the challenges of your individual needs. They’ll work closely with your doctor to assess your medical conditions, evaluate your home care requirements, supervise your care plan and arrange seamless transitions to new levels of care when necessary.

Our Physical Therapists can work with you to restore mobility, strength and coordination after an injury using exercise, specialized equipment and other techniques to improve and restore your level of function.

Our Occupational Therapists help you regain the fine motor skills that will enable you to perform the basic activities of daily living from eating and bathing, to dressing and household routines.

Our Speech Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists help restore speech and communication as well as breathing and swallowing abilities after a stroke or major trauma.

Our Social Workers will evaluate all your social and emotional needs, help identify and manage community resources and provide overall strategies and support for your ongoing care.

Our Personal Care and Home Health Aides can help you with daily activities from getting out of bed and walking to bathing, grooming and dressing. Home Health Aides can also assist with medication management and wound care.

Our Homemaker and Chore Workers perform light household tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, general housekeeping and shopping.

Our Special Family Home Care Program provides overall care for families living with HIV/AIDS. Specially trained Registered Nurses supervise care plans that include mental health services, client education, medication management, disease management including wound care, diabetes care management and regular visits by home health aides to assist with personal care needs.

Our innovative use of Client Centered Technology such as remote sensors and telehealth technologies enable us to monitor your overall health and safety 24/7.

Whether you have government coverage or pay privately for home health care, every Selfhelp client has access to our full range of services and our experienced and compassionate caregivers.