Community Services

From our individual case management services to the supportive communities we build, Selfhelp takes pride in developing programs and implementing services that meet the evolving needs of multiple generations and the elder care needs of a changing society.

Today, we have the largest Nazi Victim Services Program in North America, providing comprehensive services to over 5,600 victims of Nazi persecution. More than 1,000 low and moderate-income seniors live independently and securely in Selfhelp’s six Senior Housing complexes.

Our four Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) meet the increasing need for on-site support systems for seniors who are aging-in-place. At our six Senior Centers we provide programs and activities that enrich the lives of over 6,000 older New Yorkers.

Seniors are right at home with Selfhelp

To accommodate the growing number of seniors in New York who want to live independently, we are developing new, affordable housing campuses and offering our first-rate NORC programs and on-site services to other existing communities of seniors.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other memory impairments receive adult day care services through our Selfhelp Alzheimer’s Resource Program (SHARP).

Colleagues in our Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program (EFLRP) consult with Selfhelp staff facilitating legal assistance to our clients. Through our Community Guardian Program we serve as court-appointed legal guardians for elderly clients who are unable to manage their financial or domestic affairs.

In every area of service, our care providers are recognized for their compassion, expertise and effectiveness. Because everything we offer you is available under one Selfhelp roof, you can consider our professional staff your source for independent living.